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Here are some links to the most useful, researched-based websites internationally, as well as some other links of interest:



Dr Peter Mayne, Laurieton Medical Centre, Australia, is a specialist in Lyme Disease in Australia.Dr Mayne's website contains valuable information for families but also significant resources for medical practitioners.

The Karl McManus Foundation website includes Karl McManus' story as well as information on Lyme Disease, including on research that the Foundation is funding. There are good links to scientific articles and a link to a medical forum for doctors.

Lyme Australia: Recognition and awareness (LARA) includes Karen Smith's own story as well as general information on Lyme disease. There is information on useful links as well as acknowledgement of some of the political controversy surrounding Lyme disease in Australia

The International Lyme and Associated Disease Society website has US-based Information on Lyme Disease including treatment guidelines, research, conference information and links to videos

Lyme Disease Association of Australia has good information on Lyme disease including a Doctors' Kit and links to other useful websites

Western Australia Lyme and Bacterial Infections Support Group have a lot of information on Lyme disease including symptoms, co-infections and Herxing, with links to the Karl McManus Foundation

Queensland Lyme Disease is the website for the Queensland sub-branch of the Karl McManus Foundation and includes stories, information on Lyme disease and background information on some of the political controversy associated with Lyme disease. There are also links to other sources of information

The Comparison Chart of Lyme Disease and Co-infections Symptoms is a comprehensive chart from a Canadian-based website providing information on Lyme Disease and co-infections

A video of Eivind Markhus of Norway with discussion on Lyme Disease by medical experts including  Dr Richard Horowitz, New York, USA



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